Fly Like Superman

I live near and once worked right next to a business named Sausalito Seaplane Adventures. The months I spent at the office, I would see planes take off and land throughout the course of the day, always wanting to get myself onboard for a flight.

Today just happens to be that day.

San Francisco is a beautiful city, colourful, architecturally diverse, the landscape of rolling hills and valleys a perfect backdrop as it sits along the Bay and the Pacific. I’ve spent many days and nights over the past two decades exploring it from the ground and by water.

Today I get to see it by air.
Today I get to fly like Superman.

We took off noisily slushing through the mud, before the propeller and wings took hold of the wind to get us into the air. Right then and there, Marin was laid before us: Tiburon and Belvedere to Mount Tamalpais up the coast past Stinson Beach to Point Reyes Lighthouse, back down past Tennessee Valley Beach. Green was the gift the rains of the past month had given us. I could see the Pacific crashing against land over millions of years forming the stark and beautiful ridges of the coastline. The water was so blue and I could see it end against the horizon far into the distance as the sun was making its way down. The entire scene beckoned a novel, several in fact; many of which no doubt has been written.

And then we steered right away from Marin to San Francisco: to the Presidio to Sutro Baths to Ocean Beach back to and over the Golden Gate Bridge before we flew along the pier past the Ferry Building and Coit Tower, then AT&T Park, before going through the city and then over Alcatraz to Angel Island and Tiburon.

And then just like that, Superman landed back in Sausalito.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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