India 2016: Please Respond

Quick question: what do you think we were saying to each other when this picture was taken? I would love to hear your responses…. Stay tuned for the answer.

These moments to me are frozen in time.

Derek, DaveRisner and I had only just arrived in Varanasi from Kolkata, having been in India for all of two days. Upon arriving, we were immediately greeted by revelers still masquerading in paint closing down the daytime Holi celebrations. In the evening, we hopped aboard a small boat rowing down the River Ganges while the sun was setting and the full moon rising on our way to witness the nighttime pooja.

Afterwards, we arrived back at the Scindhia Guest House, and had dinner on its rooftop, at which time this series of pictures were taken.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.42.05 PM


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