Morning Salutations

I woke up early this morning, before 5 AM. Yesterday evening on throughout the night, the full moon rose above the San Francisco skyline, hugging the horizon for just long enough so I could savor the moment as it rose further and further into the night sky. I slept like a baby.

Today was an important day, potentially one that will change my life. It’s good to have those kinds of days. Every day should be one that changes your life (hopefully for the better), whether it be sweeping changes or minute ones.

As the sun was rising, I spent thirty minutes conducting my sun salutations. I channeled the old man Derek and I met that last morning in Varanasi in what seems like ages ago. Dressed in yellow and orange garb, wearing a weathered face, he gave homage to the brilliant sun rising above his horizon. That memory went in and out as I went through my poses. I closed my eyes as I outstretched my arms, the sun shining directly onto my face, its warmth giving me confidence. Inside my head, all I saw was a bright orange glow that smiled back at me.

Today’s going to be a good day.

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