My Time to Shine

Starting at the crack of dawn, and throughout the course of an August day, the Sun and Clouds had a conversation between themselves. It went a little like this, with the Sun opening the lines of communication.

Hello my friend!
Why are you in my way?

What do you mean my friend?
I am here to stay.

This is my time to shine
You’ve no place here.

Really? This world is yours and mine
Are we both not a Musketeer?

You mean, “All for one?
One for all?”

Yes, exactly my favourite son
We’re in this together, for the long haul

But they’re waiting for me
On their balcony
As I said, it’s me they’re here to see

That may be true
You are part of the morning dew
But together we make quite a view

I shine so bright
Yellows and oranges after the night
As I smile, I’m quite a sight

Indeed you are
Quite the rockstar
Happiness filling their jar

So you get it?

Yes, I’ll be off in a bit

While I’m here

Let me help you ‘fore I disappear

Thank you thank you
You’re lovely too
Now I need to say goodbye
My friend the Moon’s coming to say “Hi”

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