My Moment in Rewind

What if you could choose from every single moment of every single life you’ve ever lived?

And for every moment you’re playing in rewind in your mind, have you said thank you over and over again for what it meant to you? For you?

What moment would you choose to live and relive over and over again?

What if that moment you’ve decided to choose is in fact this very moment?

What if that choice had everything to do with the sun rising? Specifically this particular sunrise? And even more specifically, when Strauss welcomed it?

And which moment among the series of moments that comprised the sunrise would you choose?

Would it be the moment where you only see distant colour?

Or would it be the moment the sun peaks out above the horizon?

Or would it be the moment the clouds come rolling in, a blanket of plush, white snow?

Or perhaps would it be the moment when the sun’s rays break thru the mist of the clouds?

Or would it be that point when the sun has risen, far above us, basking its warm rays upon us?

What moment would you choose?

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