With week one in the books, this Saturday morning greets me with the sun rising through the clouds. Not even 7:00 AM yet, the clouds are winning, though the sun has a beauty right now harkening back to Indian sunrises where it looked like a bright orange-yellow ball as opposed to a mass of light with rays shooting out in every direction. While the coffee was brewing inside my French-press, I captured this morning’s awakening with my camera. Pretty soon, I found myself sitting down to reflect upon the past week.IMG_0110

A couple days ago, I posted an announcement to my Facebook wall.

“Extremely proud, excited and happy to announce that I have officially started my new job at Upwork!!

After an amazing sabbatical where I spent every single moment of every single day doing exactly what I wanted (where I visited family and friends near and far – spending quality time with the people that I love, traveled inside and outside the States on adventures that someday will be captured in books and movies, wrote in my journal and in my blog every day so I will never forget all that I have learned and experienced, painted a ton fulfilling a lifelong passion and even selling a few, as well as devoting time to me- to self-reflection, taking action to become the best version of myself, all the while hanging out with my best pal Taylor), I chose Upwork and they chose me. I am still doing exactly what I want!!

For my role, I’ll be living in the Bay Area, but coming back home to Chicago at least once or twice a month. We are hiring!!!! If you want to join an exciting team with a company about to change the world of work, come talk to me!

To commemorate my first day earlier this week, I did the same thing I did after my first day at Glassdoor and Glint — spend time self-reflecting looking at the Golden Gate Bridge, appreciate all that’s happened to me to lead me to this point, and feel (beyond) excited for what lies ahead. Blue skies ahead, everyone (amidst the San Francisco fog and Chicago winds of course)!!”

My first week was spent meeting new people, learning new things, adjusting to a new way of life, seemingly overloading my mind with new stuff. My work days would start and end either with a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge or a ferry ride across the bay from Sausalito into San Francisco. Arriving home, Taylor too was adjusting to a new life; he wouldn’t see me as much. That being said, we wouldn’t let that get in the way of quality time. That usually meant almost an hour of running down and up a hill at a nearby forest playing fetch.

“Hey dad?? Wanna have a catch?”
“I’d like that.”

I think of that final scene in the movie Field of Dreams, fighting back tears almost every single time, when I play fetch with Tay. He channels his “little” puppy every time I see him chase after the ball. My heart cannot help but smile. IMG_0126

The next thing I know, we are back home. I’ve fed Taylor. And I’m sitting down on my couch mindlessly watching highlights of the day’s baseball games, particularly interested in the surging Cubbies running away with their division, as well as the Red Sox and Dodgers both fighting for playoff positioning.

I must have fallen asleep, my brain craving a shutdown, cos it’s 5:00 AM again.

A hummingbird has snapped me back to the present. And the sun is rising.

Taylor has bulldozed his way onto our balcony. Time for “fetch”.

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