Thanksgiving Yesterdays

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Quite frankly though, I feel that every day. For me, every day is Thanksgiving. And every day is Christmas, and every other holiday where people have the opportunity to appreciate all the good things in their lives.

I thought about posts that I’d written on my blog, on Facebook and other social media outlets, and emails about Thanksgiving, reminiscing of days past.img_4745

I’m thankful for everything. Literally everything. I’m thankful for my life, something I no longer take for granted. I’m thankful for my health, something I’m so conscious of these days, and a focus of mine this decade of my life. I’m thankful for my hiking shoes, that enable two tired feet to walk every morning and every evening with my dog, my trusty companion. I’m thankful for my family and my friends, most of whom I’ve been fortunate to see and spend quality time with this year, some planned, others just sneaking in moments. I’m thankful for my niece Bea and nephew August and my new nephew Jorryn, all the lights of our collective lives.”

Several years ago, I was fortunate to be part of an inaugural group from Careerbuilder that went to the Millennium Villages in Malawi, Africa, learning about and sponsoring them in their struggle to rise above poverty.

In a few short years, it’s amazing how far they’ve come!! The poor all over the world are a reminder for me to be thankful for everyone and everythingthat I have, to be thankful for being alive, so very poignant to think about this and every Thanksgiving.

Wishing everyone a wonderfully safe and Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a great time with your family and friends. And Go NINERS!!!!

img_4800“I’ve been having the time of my life since leaving, spending a lot of time writing and painting, spending even more time with Taylor, and spending a lot of time visiting friends traveling along the west coast. I’ve spent days at Stinson (In Search of Today’s Magical Moment), Point Reyes (My Soundtrack to this Afternoon. The Landscape to My Life.), and Joshua Tree (The Joshua Tree) including a week in Los Angeles. It’s been magical. After the holidays, I’ll be in Moab to catch the super moon, then in Colorado for a bit with friends, then Chicago and Indianapolis for friends and family.”

Whether it was my father cooking my family a pot of chilli on Sundays after church or my mother cooking my family dinner on any given night, I know what it means to eat food that was cooked with love. I grew up with it. Someone close to my heart told me that once – “cooking with love”, and how it changes how you feel about what you eat. It’s stuck with me ever since. Of course, when I think of “cooking with love”, the first person that always pops into my head is my mother. She loves to cook; and she loves to cook with love. As do I.”


This Thanksgiving had all the makings of being a sad one since I was not celebrating it with my family – the first time in my life away from them during this time, but instead it turned into a wonderful few days!”

I love the sense of community that an Indian meal invites. It reminds me of home, growing up, when every day without fail, despite the fact my mother worked every single day in one of the hardest professions (a nurse at a VA hospital), she gathered our family around the dinner table having cooked the most delicious of meals. I didn’t appreciate it then nearly as much as I should have, and now, in looking back, I am in total admiration of this Wonder Woman who just happened to be my mother. In recollection, those were some of my favourite times with my family.”img_4804

On this day of thanks, I am thankful for a great many things, including but not limited to and in no particular order, seeing so many of my family & friends over the past three months, the resurgence of Notre Dame & 49er football, The Dark Knight trilogy, the book ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain‘, music this year esp Wilco, unseasonably good weather, my fat suit, my feet & my back, my doctors & chiropractor & physical therapists, my colleagues at the office, and so much more… but most especially my family, my friends & my dog Taylor for their smiles and their shines, for being able to count on them, thru good times and bad times, being by my side now and forevermore… Happy Thanksgiving all! May you all bask in its happiness! Have fun & be safe.

Happy Thanksgiving to you from Neil Diamond and I… “Got the sun in my eyes / And the wind in my face / And it’s good just to be alive”

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! “It’s times like these you learn to live again / It’s times like these you give and give again / It’s times like these you learn to love again / It’s times like these – time and time again.”

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