Rockin’ in SeaTac

I’ve walked into a movie set. I’m quite sure of it. I’m wearing my Cubs ball cap (this could be our year) and just passed the Pearl Jam exhibit. It’s actually very relaxing at the Seattle airport. Perhaps that’s what happens when you miss your early morning flight to Vancouver and luckily get booked onto the next flight there which has a couple hour layover in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this way at an airport terminal. Just sitting here in my rocking chair, watching the planes take off. I feel like I’m in a movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. There was a time in my life years ago, I thought they and Julia Roberts were in the movie of my life, but those days have long since passed.

There’s an older woman rocking in a chair about ten feet to my right, sucking on a lollipop, talking to a loved one. She has strange glasses on. A younger man, possibly of Indian origins, sitting next to her, headphones in, sunglasses on as he chows down on his late lunch. Eventually the older woman and the younger man strike up a conversation. At this point, his sunglasses and her reading glasses move to the top of their heads, creating a wedge into their black and grey hair. She’s from Walla Walla flying in from Dallas. He’s from India, correcting her when she hears Indiana instead. He could be me save for the hair, age and accent, but I’m also an Indian from Indiana by way of India. He’s flying back home to Delhi. She’s a retired banker. And very quickly, they are laughing and engaged in good conversation. He’s talking with his hands; and she nods agreeably with smiles.

There’s another man to my left, also rocking in a chair, and reading a newspaper. A newspaper!

A few others take pictures of the movie’s star attractions. My favourite is the British Airways jumbo jets. Lufthansa has a big boy in its ranks as well. Along with their cohorts, they fly into the ominous dark clouds, where the sun tries to peak through.

Farther away to my left, there’s a man with a beard so long it could serve as a bib, but he has no mustache. He looks like Clint Howard. I think he may actually be Clint Howard. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that Ron Howard is directing this film. He’s talking to a rather large, bulbous man with a bright, red T-shirt proudly representing his college affiliation, talking financial markets. They eventually part ways, clearly strangers, never to see each other again.

My feet are stretched, and I’m rocking. A little bored, but happily so, cos I’m excited to see some dear friends.

Hmmmm… this could be the start of quite a nice entry on my blog.
I’ve never been this relaxed in an airport.

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