Happy New Years Eve: Stretching Moments into Eternity

Happy New Years Eve!!

I live for those epic moments!

Moments can be a window to our soul, our true selves, only to let them by and cave in to the rigors of the minutiae of every day life. So our true selves are not what we do but rather what we are. And because it’s so difficult to be truly honest with ourselves that a look in the mirror may scare us, we tend to only give ourselves but moments. Cos it’s easier to avoid the confrontation with our true selves, and snap, years have gone by and we wonder what happened, who we became, and why.

Is it possible that we need to change the paradigm? Our perspective and our journey may not be what we once thought they were. Looking back may not give us meaning, only regret. And looking ahead only brings us anxiety. And so we are only left with the present. With our moments. And fleeting though they may be, or maybe because we know they won’t last longer than we can handle them, we are our true selves. We are honest.

And what if we can string one moment after another? And truly be present in those moments? The collection of all of those moments where we were present in ourselves and with those around us, that can be the foundation of a wonderful life.


I was in India a few months ago, on an epic journey.

I have just arrived in Bangkok and in Thailand for the next two weeks. And like my time in India, I plan to stretch every moment into an eternity, with no beginning and no end. And with that, I will live a lifetime during my time here, though time here has no shape nor dimension.

And truly live in the moment.


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