Nina, Jasper and Fields of Yellow

Thanksgiving last year proved to be a wonderfully nostalgic couple days with my cousin Julie and her family including my auntie, of whom, aside from my parents, I have my oldest memories. The road trip the day before was wonderful, driving through stunning Northern California, through the lush state of Oregon before coming upon Washington state. It was also long and I was tired. So I spent the night with old friends from high school from my hometown of West Lafayette, IN – Matt and Ilene and their adorably sweet and caring kids, eight-year-old Jasper and his younger sister, Nina         

Like my three-year-old niece Bea, five-year-old Nina is also an artist – both way better than I will ever be. And before I left for my cousin’s house Thanksgiving morning while I was watching morning cartoons with the kids, Nina tore a sheet from a magazine that would serve as inspiration for a couple watercolours I just painted. My heart was full of smiles. When kids give you something, they are also giving you all of themselves; and they give it with so much love. We as adults could learn a lot about love by the way kids give.

And now when I look at these two paintings, which only suggest their source material instead of mimicking it, I smile. Why? I see Nina and Jasper, much more than I see those the fields of yellow.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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