Clams Pulao Rice

Everyone who knows me knows how I love to eat. I actually love to cook even more than I like to eat. Having learned from both my parents, cooking with a ballgame and music in the background, Taylor staring from his bed, is my happy place.

While I love Thai, Cajun & Creole, Italian, now Burmese, Chinese, and good ol’ American cooking, my first love continues to be my best love: Indian food and Indian cooking. And within the massive subcontinent, there is a multitude of cuisines.

I follow this blog, whose focus is Goan cooking and Goan culture. I love the Goan recipes found in it!

I have family friends from Goa that I’ve reconnected with since moving to the Bay Area, two of my favourite people, no longer the kids I knew when I first met them, but now the awesomely amazing adults they are now. Goa is a beautiful Orr of India, famous for its beaches, and its food. (I’m still partial to Kerala, where I am from, but I love Goa too.)

I love cooking rice. This particular blogpost highlights many of the different ways to cook rice pulao. It’s so amazingly tasty. Enjoy!

(And thank you to the author Nandini for sharing her expertise.)

Goan Recipes

Rice cooked in a seasoned broth can be called many names. It only depends which part of the world you come from. You can call it Pulao, pilaf, pilav, pilau, palaw, plov, polo, polu and polov. Goan Pulao Rice is also called as Arroz de Refogado and in my case Mama Arroz. The basic recipe is made with cloves, cinnamon stick, dried cinnamon leaf, onions, tomatoes, pinch of turmeric and bouillon/maggi cube for flavor. This recipe can be used as a basic base for all the other Goan Pulao Recipes. Like clams/tissreo pulao, vegetable pulao, prawn pulao and the famous Goan pork sausages pulao.

pulao-pilaf-rice-arroz-mexican-recipe-goan-tissreo-clams-prawnsAs I searched the web I found many variations, some added color to the rice, bay-leaf, cardamoms, ginger-garlic paste and chillies and since I have mentioned many times about Pulao in my blog it was time for…

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