Another Morning in Sausalito

I love so much so many things about this video.

Every morning’s sunrise is a breathtaking explosion of colours. The ones with clear skies and strategically dotted clouds standing at the top of the list of best sunrises ever. This morning was no different.

My record just got broken.

Whether it’s a painting inspired by the sun’s rise above the horizon, or one inspired by a drive to Vista Point to see the sun rise over the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Area continues to inspire both to paint and to write.

More importantly, at this point in my life, my family and my friends both near and far, my overall environment, inspires me to reflect and to be so very thankful of everything I am, everyone I know, and everywhere I’ve been.

Most of all, seeing Taylor peacefully sleep, snoring in dreamland is a constant dream for me.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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