Go Cubs Go!

My first Giants game of the year also happens to be the first time I’ve seen the Chicago Cubs since leaving my kind of town to the city on the bay.

Both are locked in a battle for the wildcard, with the Giants strongly contending for the NL West crown due to my flailing Dodgers and the Cubs with an outside shot at the NL Central due to a strong Cardinals and Pirates team. So tonight’s game and this series means something.

I’m on a ferry from Larkspur to AT&T Park. It’s beautifully sunny and warm outside. I’m sweating with layers on, anticipating a cool park and chilly night.

I’d never taken a ferry to the ballpark before, and the ride was fantastic with the scenes of the bay before me in all its splendor. Quite a different ferry ride from Sausalito, the viewpoints of the Rock and the Golden Gate Bridge was quite a bit different. The most breathtaking part of the ride by far was when we went under the Bay Bridge. While not as famous as its Golden Gate brother, it’s right up there with its magnificence.

Even way out west as far from Chicago as one could be, Cubs fans live far and wide and travel well. On the ferry, there was quite a bit of blue.

Go Cubs Go!
Go Cubs Go!
Hey Chicago, whaddaya say?
The Cubs are gonna win today!

Time for some baseball!!!

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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