The Power of the Human Spirit – Unbroken

“Do you know the human spirit is powerful?”

I cannot get enough of this video, from MATEUSZ M.

I’ve been watching it at least once a day for the past three weeks.


Watching it stretches my thoughts into a running stream of consciousness, of words strung together some from the video itself, some borne of my own thoughts, my own beliefs, my own life…

Anyone can feel good when life is good.
It’s when it’s bad… It’s when it’s tough… It’s when life is hard…

“Fear kills dreams. Fear kills hope.”

“It takes courage to act!”

I was knocked senseless waking up on a bitter cold December morning days before Christmas on busy street corner after getting hit by a car… I was almost thrown off a bridge after getting the shit beaten out of me walking home one night… And those are not even the hardest things that have happened to me… I’ve had people in my life that I loved that died…

Does this make me special? No, it does not. Bad things happen all the time. It’s a sad fact of life that bad things happen it seems to good people too, maybe more so.

What does make us special? It’s what happens afterwards that I believe really defines us. That’s when we decide we are special. That’s when we decide we are powerful. That’s when we decide we are great.

“Why do we fall, Bruce?
So we can pick ourselves back up.”

I believe in love. I believe in the human spirit. I believe in good. I believe in everything that’s good. I know it’s not easy, but I was built this way. You are too. I’ve got this capacity to do good. I’ve got this capacity to do great things. So do you.

It’s a choice. Everything is a choice. Every day is a choice. So I choose to do good. I choose to be great.

“It takes courage to act.”

I am coming back.
I am standing up for my dreams.
I am taking full responsibility for my life.
I am living each day as if it were my last.
I am living my life with passion.
I am living my life living my dreams.

“To persevere I think is important for everybody.
Don’t give up.
Don’t give in.
There’s always an answer to everything.”

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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