The Original Gentleman

Taylor and I meet a great many people on our visits to the dog park. Taylor has got his dog friends and he’s got his people friends; and so do I.

My brother’s birthday was yesterday, and five years ago on that day, Taylor and I went for the very first time to a dog park in Chicago. We’ve been going to many dog parks ever since, in Chicago and now in Sausalito. But on that day 7 September 2010, it was the first of many; on that day, Taylor made fast friends with a French Mastiff named Maxie, an English Bulldog named Bubbles, an Airedale Terrier named Peek-a-Boo, and a Boxer named Toots. I did not make up these names.

So it was that one day in Sausalito, we met Peter Barnes, an affable Englishman, very interesting, and very in-tune with dogs, which immediately ingratiates someone to both Taylor and I.

Our paths have not crossed as of late, but I still remember when he shared with me, “It’s time I showed you my dancing videos!” I really didn’t know what to expect or what that even meant; and after only five times running into him and his dogs, fascinated with what this could possible mean.

What I did not know was that Peter is The OG aka The Original Gentleman. And he loves to dance. He’s a mainstay at various Bay Area institutions that carry dancing into the late night.

He’s blown out a few more candles than I have, not that that’s important, but I point it out only cos Peter really lives. Age means nothing. And it shouldn’t.

He once told me that he felt it was his mission to show fun to everyone around him under 65.

Some people just know how to live.
The Original Gentleman is one of those people.
And I hope to have that much energy, that much love for life as The OG.

Here are some amazing videos of The OG doing his thing.

The Original Gentleman: Video 1
The Original Gentleman: Video 1
The Original Gentleman: Video 2
The Original Gentleman: Video 2

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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