Which of these paintings do you like best (each inspired by the Pacific Coast Highway)?

I’m working on a series of paintings inspired by the Pacific Coast.

I love the Pacific Ocean.
I love the Pacific Coast.
I love the Pacific Coast Highway.

I find all of it quite breathtaking; and I find myself quite drawn to it.

Because of those and many other feelings, I have driven the PCH (i.e. California State Highway 1) several times, my first time almost 15 years ago, when I was visiting my old friend Chris in Huntington Beach south of Los Angeles when I was still living in Chicago. Upon arriving that first night, we decided to drive the PCH the very next morning in the convertible he had built (which became quite famous later when a former well-known Major League Baseball player drove it during the Rose Bowl Parade). It took us two days amidst a torrential rainstorm, but we finally made it to San Francisco to hang out with our friends there, many of whom have since moved to Los Angeles in the years since. But all of this is an epic story for another evening.

While none of my PCH roadtrips since have been quite as epic as that first one with my buddy, many have been spiritual in their own right. And they have all inspired me to paint scenes of what I saw and what I experienced and what I felt while I was driving it.

The last time I drove up, taking my sweet time, I was still considerably south of Carmel and the sun was setting. Fearing that I would miss the opportunity to truly take it in, I stopped off the side of the road and just stood there on the rocks watching the sun go down.

That moment inspired me to paint these three paintings. The first two are acrylics and complete. The third is an oil painting that is not yet done. Please take a look at the photographs below and select which one you like best using the poll below. Your responses will help me with the direction I will go with the other paintings in the series. Thanks!

My moment in the sun, inspiring my latest paintings...
My moment in the sun, inspiring my latest paintings…

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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7 thoughts on “Which of these paintings do you like best (each inspired by the Pacific Coast Highway)?

    1. I Luke #1 too. Captures your moment the best with silhouettes (without them, it generally could be anyone’s sunset moment).

      Good job Cecil!


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