Rickshaw Run 2016: The Adventure Begins

Back in October 2015, Derek & Tucker drove up to Sausalito from Santa Monica to join Taylor & I on a week searching for Zen. It was an epic week. And we came to a few decisions on adventuring, traveling and living.

One of the things we decided was to enter ourselves in The Rickshaw Run in April 2016, an epic 2500 km race in a tuk-tuk from Jaisalmer to Shillong across northern India. Adventurers at heart, having been in Thailand earlier in the year and in India the previous year, it only made sense for us to join the Rickshaw madness.

The more we talked about it, the more we knew there was one person on the planet that needed to join us on this epic and daft adventure.

  • A man who if dropped in the middle of Mars, would find a way to survive. The movie The Martian is about him.
  • The man who once jumped out of an airplane with just a coat-hanger, and made it down with nary a broken bone.
  • The man who JJ Abrams consulted with about the TV show Lost, which he quickly dismissed as highly improbable because he would never get lost.
  • The man who consistently sees two sunrises during the course of a weekend night out.
  • The man who homeless people are scared to accept his gracious invitation to his home.
  • The man who once got a brick wall to talk back. Realizing that’s just ridiculous, he decided to stop talking to brick walls.
  • The man who inspired Roger Waters to write “Another Brick in the Wall” though Waters quickly realized he wasn’t just another brick, he was the wall.
  • The man the TV show MacGyver was based upon.
  • The man who took the blue pill, and lived the never-ending story.
  • The man who took the red pill, and told Wonderland its rabbit hole was only three feet deep, enough for a hydrangea bush.
  • The man who built a Center for Ants that could also fit children so they could read good.
  • The man who told Alice what it was like to be ten feet tall.
  • The man who taught Ron Burgundy Spanish.
  • The man who was born cooler than bein’ cool.
  • The man The Most Interesting Man in the World finds most interesting.

He goes by two names, one word.



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Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.


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