Rickshaw Run 2016: Important Dates

For our family and friends, we thought it may be important to let you in on a little secret. Well, it’s not a secret, but it’s an itinerary of the events surrounding the run, which is technically not a run, though we may be pushing the auto-rickshaw at certain moments of the race, which we sincerely hope we do not have to.

  1. Thursday 31 March 2016: Arrive in Jaisalmer
  2. Friday 1-3 April: Test driving
  3. Saturday 2 April: Party
  4. Sunday 3 April: Cricket Match
  5. Monday 4 April:
    1. Launch ceremony
    2. Adventure starts
  6. Saturday 16 April:
    1. End race in Shillong
    2. Finish parade and party

And away we goooooooooo… The Dark Knights shall prevail…

India will never be the same again. And neither will we.

#AlwaysBeEpic #GoAdventure #GoTravel #GoLive #RickshawRun

Please visit us on http://www.AlwaysBeEpic.Life for more of our adventures

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.


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