a Good Walk and a Good Talk

Today we walked, hiked depending upon where we were, the majority of the cemetery, and even ventured outside it. With the sun out, a stark contrast to our first days here, it wasn’t long before I was sweating and Taylor was panting. We were happy; and we were about to hike back. We’d had the conversations we had wanted to have with those of whom we wanted to have them. If you listen carefully, those that passed will talk back. At least that’s what we felt.

Fernwood is a stunningly beautiful place, magical and serene. For many of our visits, we’re the only ones here. Sometimes, we may spy a visitor standing above a grave, or sitting on a bench. Once we saw another dog too. I imagine they are talking to their loved ones too. This place has a way of doing that, opening a portal into another world where the conversations you have are the conversations you’ve always wanted to have. And sometimes I think, what keeps us from having these conversations with the living? What’s holding us back?

I’m sure there is a lot. Unfortunately, the older we get, the taller the walls we build around ourselves. For some, they are in impregnable fortress, only the strongest, bravest, most true able to climb over it or break through. Some people are worth it.

Taylor and I said hello then goodbye to the goddess of mercy, the statue overlooking the entire cemetery. The climb past her can be steep. These days, we barely break a sweat but back then, there was some huffing and puffing going on. Ok, maybe a lot. Taylor won’t admit to it.

The walk up the hill would eventually lead us back to the Alta Trail, the site of so many of our adventures.

We went home soon after that.

We had a good walk today.

We had a good talk today.

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