Rickshaw Run 2016: What’s an Auto-Rickshaw, You Say?

Joining us in our adventure across the Indian subcontinent will be our trusty pal, cantankerous ally, the one lad that is certain to breakdown not once, twice, thrice but quite certain much much more (I’m quite hoping against hope that reverse psychology will work here), the little bully that will most definitely need some TLC, and perhaps even a good, swift kick to its arse – our three-wheeled auto rickshaw, i.e. our tuk-tuk.

Our rickshaw will be the *ahem* reliable Bajaj RE Auto Rickshaw. As such, we thought it’d be educational to those we love to provide its specs. You know, for anyone that might be worried that we will not finish the race, cos most definitely, we will. That’s the goal anyways. Did we mention that we’re pimpin’ out this bad boy? Call us The Dark Knights.

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“Bajaj RE is a highly reliable three wheeler from the well known manufacturer “Bajaj “. The Bajaj RE auto comes with features that ensures high resale value. The looks and styling of this three wheeler is attractive and offers More leg space for driver.

It offers Warranty – 120 days or 15000 km whichever comes first. Bajaj RE equipped with Easy maneuverability. You can ride this three wheeler comfortably through all ways swiftly with ease to the last point and in difficult traffic conditions also.

Bajaj RE Autorickshaw Hot Features

  • Petrol, CNG, PLG and Diesel fuel engine options
  • 145.45cc (petrol) /447.3 cc (Diesel) displacement
  • 6.6Kw@5000rpm power output
  • 15.5 N.m@3300rpm torque
  • 4 (Petrol)/5 (Diesel) forward + 1 reverse gears transmission
  • Wet multidisc type (Petrol)/Dry, Single Plate clutch (Diesel)
  • 18% (petrol & diesel)/16% LPG) /18% (CNG) Gradeability

Engine Performance and Mileage
Powered by the Improved 2 stroke Engine offers better mileage and the performance oriented engine gives lesser maintenance costs to the owner. The Bajaj RE available in petrol, CNG, PLG and Diesel fuel options. The BAJAJ RE COMPACT Petrol model fitted with 145.45 cc petrol engine and it offers 6.6Kw@5000rpm power and 15.5 N.m@3300rpm torque on ride.

Engine mated with 4 forward + 1 reverse gear transmission. BAJAJ DIESEL FUEL OPTIMA and MAXIMA powered by the 447.3 cc engine with 447.3 cc displacement. It can churns out 6.19Kw@3400rpm power and 19.4 N.m@2600rpm torque on ride. Engine mated with 5 forward + 1 reverse gears transmission.

Safety and Comfort Features
The auto features front Indicators & Flush type rear indicators gives stylish look and aid in Less chance of breakage during sharp turns & this also Prevents water from seeping in. The stronger chassis helps in More load carrying capacity and enhanced durability of this three wheeler.

The special design aids in ensuring Comfortable seating position means less fatigue and can travel more. It features Wet multidisc type and 18% Gradeability. Driver +3 Passengers can travel comfortably in this vehicle.”

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