Rickshaw Run 2016: International Drivers’ Permit

Rickshaw Run 2016!

I am ready for the race!

  • Registered for the race with Derek and DaveRisner. Check.
  • Pimped out our rickshaw. Designs submitted. Check.
  • Obtained International Drivers’ Permit. Check.

I dialed my eyes down to “steely gaze” with a “longing stare”, trimmed my beard, left the wild stache alone, and channeled my inner Cobra.

“I had skin like leather and the diamond-hard look of a cobra
I was born blue and weathered but I burst just like a supernova
I could walk like Brando right into the sunThen dance just like a Casanova
With my blackjack and jacket and hair slicked sweet
Silver star studs on my duds like a Harley in heat
When I strut down the street I could feel its heartbeat”
— Bruce Springsteen – It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City


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Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.



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