Rickshaw Run 2016: Fixin’ a Rickshaw

There are many reasons why our friend DaveRisner is epic – who he is and what he’s all about, how he lives his life and conducts himself, his tastes in all things including a record collection that spans over 5,000 vinyls, and so much more.

Even his emails (and responses to Facebook posts) are epic. He included me in one to our cheery tour operator.

On 10 February 2016 at 02:40, David Risner <drisner>wrote:

Cecil, that is a good question on the Charity. If that is required, we need to get going asap. BTW…I shall register on the morrow. Hopefully, I will have heard from Brook before then, so I can gain even more confidence in a few interest items.

Brooke, I’m David Risner, and I have the unfortunate task of keeping Cecil and Derek in line traversing India on one of your Tuk-Tuk’s. As if that will not be miserable enough, I am hoping we can make it as comfortable as possible by limiting our risk in certain unknown areas. Sorry if the below seems a lot to inquire upon, but I am hoping I might stave off being stranded in the middle of India with two hapless clowns for longer than the 2 weeks I’ve already agreed babysitting. Your help is greatly appreciated … feel free to answer right in line, only when you have a chance:

  • I am wondering if we should bring any sort of tools with us for maintenance of the vehicle. Do you imagine we will need to do repairs, and if so, how extensive? Or perhaps the Tuk-Tuk’s are so ubiquitous in all of India that we can find someone to help and repair our vehicle quite easily…this is something we don’t know.
  • We are looking forward to learning how to drive the lawn mower, but can we expect to get some basic training on how to do maintenance or repair?
  • Should we plan to bring spare parts for the Tuk-Tuk? I suppose we could need spare tires, chains, belts, battery, brake pads, oil filters, gas pump, or anything else that might “habitually” goes out on the trike? It may actually be more safe than sorry to carry one or more of those items…I don’t mind buying them if it is suggested we do so.
  • Is there any sort of online suggestion community or question/answer online forum that might help us with basic inquiries? … how easy is it to find food, water, inn, gas, etc., What towns or villages are friendliest, any places specifically to avoid, …etc…or just places to share the experience?
  • How dangerous is India in remote areas of the country. I can look out for myself, but do I have to also look out for my two comrades? They are kinda wimpy.. :0) !!
  • There is no way I’m going to plan nightly hotel stays or any shite like that, but can we expect that we will actually find places on the route that resemble an Inn or are we going to have to prostitute out our weakest rider [Cecil] for a place to stay? I’m good with either, but it would be good to prep the poor lad up front. Also, if we’re going to have to stay outside a few nights, we’ll get through it, but I am guessing we might need a few mosquito nets.
  • I fear we may unexpectedly eat something foul along the way (or consume bad water), so do you suggest bringing something along to help with such issues… perhaps Acidophilus (supplemental bacteria), or something to assure a bacteria cleanse. Also, should we bring antibiotics or anything of the like for either injury or other impairment? I am guessing it is easier to acquire such things in the US before we leave than trying to trade Cecil for Penicillian to some Indian country doctor. Please advise because this is something we may want to deal with soon.
  • Lastly, should we be getting inoccuations before our journey? If so, I think I need to stop screwing around and get started on that asap. Your recommendations are appreciated.

I may have other questions, but this start would be helpful. I have a family that believes I’m insane for this trip, but its ok, because I think they are crazy for NOT doing it. On the other hand, I’m already regretting the fact that Derek may actually be a driver for at least part of our trip. Oy veh.


David R.

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