Rickshaw Run 2016: Response to Fixin’ a Rickshaw

Over email, we met a cheery operator from the Adventurists who we would come to find could match DaveRisner in epic email exchanges. This is not a small thing to overlook. In fact, I found it so startling and epic in its own right, that I felt it deserved its own post.

In response to his many questions, she sent the following.

“Whoaaaaa that is a whole lot of planning you’re doing there. I’m going to do my best to answer all your questions and if I miss something, just shout at me and then I may or may not reply.

First, I apologize that it is your task to keep everyone in line and safe – I’ve seen how some of the runners act and that is one tall order.

You will be provided with a toolkit during the registration process in Jaisalmer. Now these tools may or may not work and I can tell from when they’ve been handed back in that some teams use them loads and others don’t even open the kit. You will break down – it’s inevitable. Depending on your mechanical abilities – which will increase daily – you can fix it yourself or find someone else to do it. Rickshaws are very popular here and it may be a 6 year old with a wooden knife- but you will find a solution. Whether the whole ordeal will be “easy” is wholly depending on what you’re expectations are.

There will be a few fine folk in Jaisalmer to give test driving lessons and a mechanic to give some basic tips. And even if you don’t pick it up fast – by the end you will be an expert rickshaw driver.

There is no need to bring any spare parts from the UK. You can find everything in India. Most teams don’t carry spare parts – well, maybe a spark plug but if you’d like to, you’re welcome to – just please don’t ask me what as I’ve no idea. The rickshaw will come with a spare tyre.

The closest thing to an online community we have is this Facebook group. It’s composed of many runners – past, present and future – many who like to throw their two cents in.

Food – easy. Water – easy. Hotels – fairly easy although I have heard some wonderful stories of people sleeping in some wicked places (hospitals, atm vestibules, temples, random people’s homes). Most runners find places fairly easily every night (maybe not the highest of standards but somewhere with a bed and shower). But at least you have Cecil to prostitute in a worst case scenario 😀

What you deem to be friendly places, villages is going to completely be based on your adventure. It’s different for everyone and I cannot say where is the friendliest. Bihar can be shady but you can’t avoid it – you’ll have to go through it at some point or another.

The most dangerous part of the Rickshaw Run is the roads and driving. Obviously, things can happen anywhere in the world but Indian’s are generally really friendly people – especially the more away from the tourist areas you get.

Consult with a doctor for anything medical related…

Anything else you think of – you know where to find me.



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