Rickshaw Run 2016: DaveRisner Follows Up

We still don’t know where DaveRisner is, but he did just surface to send an email. Where is he? And will he make it to the Rickshaw Run? Will he make it out?

Recall that I’m Dave Risner, and I am the poor sodhocker who has to tarry along with Derek and Cecil on your 2016 Jaisalmer to Shillong run in April. I’ve done all I could to get out of it and change to another team, but it appears I’m stuck with the twin tight panters who brought me. I’m finally ok with it. But, I do need to know if I’ve registered correctly…I know I tried.. So, if there is something I still have to do to assure you I am on my way, I’ll be happy to accommodate, and officially become part of team “TheDarkKnights” …. I’ll accommodate soon as I can.


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