“Coffee Is For Closers”

(Quick- name that movie!)

I’ve been inspired all morning. I woke up late (which these days is 7:53 AM), but in time to take my niece to school. I am about to do some things today; make something great of the day.

I’ve had coffee maybe ten times in my entire life; and when I did it was normally in response to a hard night out where I had to be paying attention for long meetings or training sessions the next day or a long drive where I needed to be awake.

Today, something different happened. At my sister & brother-in-law’s house, he was drinking and raving about the coffee he was drinking at that moment – Haiti Mare Blanche / Workshop by La Colombe. From the back of its bag:

“From the highest altitudes of the South Eastern Haitian mountains, overlooking the village of Thiotte, this coffee is a testimony not only to the variety of Typica, but to the resilience of the Haitian farmer, an elegant coffee, unassuming and pleasant, the sort of ‘velvety smooth’ coffee that still means something. A perfect example of what we mean by culinary coffee.”

Of course, I put some Baileys in it, along with a dash of sugar.

Within minutes, I was gifted with boundless energy. I felt like Buddy in Elf “Great. I got a full 40 minutes. And I had time to build that rocking horse.”

Inspired by my hike thru parts of Arches National Park near Moab, UT a week ago, I’ve been painting. I’ve been inspired by that and by my three-year-old niece who’s quite an accomplished artist herself. We have a 5:30 PM date each day to paint with each other. For someone who will turn three years in a few days, her talent far exceeds mine. And yet, I’ve got to keep up.

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