So this is what I did with what I bought from Whole Foods yesterday…

Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods.

I love cheese. I might have been a mouse in a previous life if I wasn’t an elephant (or let’s face it – The Batman).

I’ve got a week’s worth of snacks in the form of these brilliant cheeses: Brillat Savarin Delin (so creamy and delicious), 3-year Gouda (the 5-year being my favourite with its saltiness and nuttiness; the 3-year a close variation of it), and trying something new here with an aged Mimolette Isyny St Mere (bright orange goodness), Skellig Cheddar Kerrygold (for lack of a better word yumminess), and Sweet Red Grass fed Barbers cheddar (for its fresh tartness). I complimented many of them with either a fig spread or the Dalmatia sour cherry spread that I just bought. Add some crackers and we are good to go!

I’m set for the next week!!

Oh I feel bad.
Taylor would not stop staring at the plate.

Whole Foods 15

Whole Foods 16

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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