So this is what I did with what I bought from Whole Foods yesterday…

Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods.

I love tomatoes; and try to figure out every which way to eat them. Many times I’ll cook them, using them in frittatas, for rice, certain chicken dishes; but also many times, I like them diced with just a little sea salt and coarsely ground black pepper. Today, I wanted to make a traditional south Indian dish where it is essentially a yogurt salsa.

I diced the different kinds of organic tomatoes I purchased from Whole Foods (heirloom, Roma, vine-ripened) into a bowl and added to it minced hot peppers (three Thai chilis which I had in the freezer and two Serranos – I like it hot), red bell peppers, shallots, and a little red onion and Vidalia onion. To it, I added coarse sea salt (to taste – for me a pinch). Sometimes, I’ll also add curry leaves (from the plant that I have), or cilantro; but I didn’t this time.

I mixed well, then added the yogurt that I had purchased. I like the one from Strauss family creamery; the key is for it to be slightly sour. (My dad knows how to make yogurt from scratch, one of his many super-hero powers that make him a genius.) Again, mix well.

Then keep in the refrigerator. I make this at least a couple hours before I dive in, to use as accompaniment to an Indian meal (rice, chicken, and a vegetable).

I’m set for the next week!!

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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