So this is what I did with what I bought from Whole Foods yesterday…

Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods.

Along with tomatoes, carrots are my favourite vegetable. I love it various dishes, but my favourite by far is how my mother made with Indian spices. It’s quite a simple preparation, actually; but it tastes so unbelievably good.

In a Cuisinart, I diced carrots with coconuts. Optionally, you can add (which tonight I did), red bell peppers, one chili pepper, and shallots. You can adjust the amounts of the extra ingredients, keeping in mind to keep the carrots the star of the show.

In a sauté pan, with a little coconut oil, I fry mustard seeds with turmeric and paprika. I could add some curry leaves here, but tonight did not. Add the diced carrot mixture, stir, and cook for fifteen minutes or so until the carrots are cooked through.

I’m set for the week!!

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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